antonym welcomes both international and simultaneous submissions. If your work is a simultaneous submission (meaning that you have submitted it to more than one publication at a time), please make note on the submission form and follow up to withdraw your submission if your work is selected for publication elsewhere. 

To submit to antonym, simply click below: 


antonym has always been a safe space for creative experimentation and having artists and writers of all kinds of backgrounds be seen and heard through their work. Our magazine is open to anyone who wants to submit and we hold our community close as we have grown since our start in 2020. With all of this in mind, we find it important to keep our supporters safe. Our community is inclusive and any type of hatred or discrimination will not be tolerated.

antonym is happy to accept all manner of submissions, which are then selected and compiled in a bi-annual digital magazine published in May and December. Send us your: 

  • prose
  • poetry
  • essays
  • visual art
  • video art
  • music

…and anything else you create. Up to 5 submissions may be sent at a time. Please only submit one item per file (i.e. don’t submit three poems in one of your file submissions).

We enjoy the opportunity to review your creative work in whichever form it may take! Please let us know if you have any questions by sending our editors an email at


Readers will notice that every issue of antonym includes a theme; typically two connected but opposing words that can be viewed as antonyms. Rather than setting these prior to submission, we extract these themes from the submissions we receive. It’s a more intuitive process, and allows for a broader range of submissions. In so many ways, our contributors create the tone of the issue!